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Carleton Washburne School was named for the District's superintendent Carleton W. Washburne, an internationally recognized progressive educator and visionary, who served from 1919-1943. Carleton Washburne School was opened in the fall of 1969. Today, approximately 400 students in grades 7 and 8 attend Carleton Washburne School. The school is a middle school and part of a two-school campus with The Skokie School. Like many schools, Carleton Washburne School has had several additions and renovations throughout the years. The most recent addition was dedicated in 2009.

We believe that...

The primary focus of education should be on intellectual growth with attention to the emotional, social, physical, and cultural development of students. Educating the early adolescent requires thoughtful and deliberate decisions by the professional staff and the active collaboration of the learner, the family, and the larger community. Through guidance and example, every student should be encouraged to reach his or her maximum intellectual potential. Learning requires consistent effort, collaboration, and a genuine commitment. It is essential to create a learning environment where students are encouraged to engage in reflective, independent, analytical, and creative thinking. Students and adults need to understand the effect that each person can have on one another, on the community, and on the world. It is important to develop self-confidence, lasting relationships, and positive interpersonal skills. Our school community must foster an atmosphere of trust and a feeling that it is acceptable for students and staff to take risks, resulting in successes as well as failures in the process of learning. Children learn best when a teacher utilizes appropriate teaching styles, plans purposeful and sequential activities, communicates clear expectations, integrates learning, and relates the content to a child's interests and existing knowledge. It is important to practice the principles of a democratic community, to foster sound decision making, and to encourage students to make responsible contributions to the school, their environment, and the larger community. We must respect the diversity and recognize the commonality among people.