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We are excited about you learning a band instrument! We know that you have lots of questions about starting band, and have answered some basics in this online version of the handbook. You can also visit us at Skokie, and as always, please contact us directly via phone or email.

Cadet Band (Grade 5) is open to all Grade 5 students at The Skokie School!

We all meet in small lesson groups, one time a week. For half an hour, we learn to play and read music. Each group works as a team to help each other try new sounds. We write down our next week's assignments in our assignment book, and get our parents to listen to the assignment at least once before we go to our next lesson. After we can play some notes, we meet together as a larger group once a week. That way we play two times; once in a lesson, and once in the whole band. We play two concerts a year, where we dress in concert dress and play music for an audience. Most of the time, we spend as much time as possible making strange noises, bothering our sisters and brothers, and making our family pets hide under the table!


To sign up for 2022-2023 Skokie School Cadet Band, and begin learning an instrument here with us, check in with your parents and have them fill out this Google Form. We look forward to seeing you in the fall, and learning new things together...


 Google Form 2022-2023 5th Grade