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In Band, we play woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments together to create music for listeners to enjoy. Any student in Winnetka Public Schools in 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade can come to Mr. Vowles and Mr. Chester and arrange to learn the instruments presented here, and join one of the bands. Most students start in 5th grade, coming together to explore the new territory together. Experienced players can also join, of course!

Percussion Kit Photo
Baritone Photo
Trombone Photo
French Horn Photo
Trumpet Photo
Alto Sax Photo
Clarinet Photo
Oboe Photo
Flute Photo

In the picture gallery, you can see the instruments that we play in band. 

Any person of any age can learn a new band instrument. Here in Winnetka District #36, Mr. Chester and I have helped students, parents, staff members, and fellow faculty start or relearn, so if you are afraid of sounding bad, don't worry... somewhere right now a 75 year old has just picked up an instrument and made a silly sound, grinned, and made another. A little laughter, some strange sounds, some time building some muscles and control, and you will be well on your way to playing your instrument.

In Winnetka, we usually start playing Band Instruments together in school in 5th Grade, but some students start as late as 8th grade. If you are in 4th grade or younger, then don't worry. We will get to teach you when you join in 5th Grade. You can still explore the instruments, figure out what you will want to play, and even make a game of picking out all the times Mr. Vowles has missed a note or not looked at the camera in the videos... there are lots of those to count!

Tell Me More About...

Woodwind Instruments

  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone

Brass Instruments

  • Trumpet
  • Horn
  • Trombone
  • Tuba

Percussion Instruments

  • Drums
  • Cymbals
  • Mallets
  • Timpani
  • Triangle
  • Maraccas
  • Castanets
  • Piano

Winnetka Public Schools Students Talk About Band...

We learn band instruments so that we can come together and form musical ensembles. We can play here in District #36 in Cadet Band, then Concert Band, then finally Symphonic Band. At New Trier High School, they have many more bands, and many other ways musicians can get together to perform music. Here are two District #36 Bandmembers taking about band:

Joshua, 6th Grade, on performing with Band, Orchestra, and Choir at the same time

Katie, on playing in band from 5th through 8th Grade

Renting an Instrument

Some families already have an instrument, and just need to contact Mr. Vowles and Mr. Chester to evaluate its condition and make any repairs necessry, ordering only the "starter kit" and book. For most people, though, your exploration of an instrument starts with a rent-to-own program like Quinlan and Fabish. You are welcome to use any rental company you would like, but we strongly recommend renting a brand new instrument, and not purchasing one yet.

To get a quick one-stop-shop of the director-chosen instruments, music, and supplies, expand the details below, or send an email or phone message to Mr. Vowles and Mr. Chester, and we will help you get everything set up in time for the first lesson!

If you would like to play in Jazz Band on Drum Set, Guitar, Bass, or Piano, we can direct you to some good teachers at NTHS and in the area so that you can audition for the separate group when you are ready. We suggest picking out another instrument to have fun with in Cadet Band if you play these instruments. You can never play too many instruments.