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THE BRASS FAMILY of instruments work together in Band to perform melodies and harmonies with the Woodwinds and Percussion. Brass instruments create sound by buzzing your lips with fast air, and resting a tube of metal on that buzz. To play brass, you need to have lips that fully cover your teeth and the ability to blow air through tightly closed lips and make a buzzing sound. To play trombone, you need long arms as well!

In this video, Mr. Vowles introduces the trumpet.

In this video, Mr. Vowles introduces the double horn.

In this video, Mr. Chester introduces the trombone. When you have some experience, you might be able to play the Bass trombone too... but that might take a few years of arm-growing-and-lengthening!

In this video, Mr. Vowles introduces the baritone/euphonium.

Brass includes trumpet, (double) horn, trombone, baritone, or eventually a tuba. 

 If you would like to play in Jazz Band on Drum Set, Guitar, Bass, or Piano, we can direct you to some good teachers at NTHS and in the area so that you can audition for the separate group when you are ready. We suggest picking out another instrument to have fun with in Cadet Band if you play guitar or bass. You can never play too many instruments!

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