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FAQ's on Flex

  1. Why do we have the Flex Program? The Flex program was developed in response to several issues at Washburne.
    • First, the State has mandated the RtI process (Response to Intervention) be formalized and that students identified through a problem solving process as needing academic support have those services delivered in addition to their regular core coursework. Our schedule needed to accommodate these requirements.
    • Based on parent and student feedback, there was a desire to provide Band, Orchestra, and Chorus rehearsals as part of the day as much as possible.
    • Finally, students and staff both saw a need to allow students to receive additional support in academic areas, especially in Math and Writing.
  2. When is Flex?
    • Flex meets for 35 minutes at the end of the day on Tuesdays and Thursday (2:55 - 3:30pm)
  3. What does my child do during Flex?
    • Students in Band, Orchestra, or Chorus will have rehearsals during this time (this accounts for about 100 of our students).
    • Students identified through the problem solving process for support will have those services delivered at that time.
    • All other students report to their team home base for the following options:
      • Quiet study time - with staff available for assistance
      • Study time for work on projects with a partner - with staff assistance as needed
      • Sign up for help in the teacher run Math Lab or Writing Lab
      • Sign up to go to the resource room to complete research
      • Sign up to go to the computer lab to complete work needing computer access
  4. Where did the time for Flex come from?
    • Since we were ready to launch our improved Advisory program two days a week, we needed to balance the other two days (Mondays are always early dismissal) in time. We had identified the needs stated above, and being very careful not to lessen instructional time, shortened our passing periods throughout the day to "find" the 35 minutes needed.
      • How is this monitored?

        *This program will be continuously evaluated and monitored throughout the year and we will keep you informed as to any changes.

        • All areas are well supervised by teachers and associates in our building.
        • Attendance is monitored in each area and recorded.
        • Expectations have been reviewed with students as well as the options available.
        • Advisors are available to guide students towards appropriate assistance based on team feedback on student progress.
        • Principals will monitor attendance, gather data and get feedback from students and staff throughout the year to ascertain effectiveness and possible other areas of need.