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Industrial Arts

Furniture Making

In this class students will design and build a variety of complex, fine furniture for themselves or the school and/or community. Students will complete individual take-home projects, or will have the opportunity to contribute to a large-scale project which will be donated. Students will learn fine furniture construction and finishing techniques. This class is for students who want to learn advanced woodworking skills, display their talents while giving something back to the greater school community. Prerequisite: grade 7 or 8 Industrial Arts.

IDEA (Industrial Design, Engineering, and Architecture)

For students who like to be challenged, this class is for you! Students will be posed with a variety of problems to solve in the areas of industrial design, engineering, and architecture. This is not your typical "shop" class. While some time will be spent constructing projects from a set of plans and building other mechanical devices, it will also be used to learn CAD (computer aided drafting), to design floor plans for a house, and learn about electronics. If you think you are an idea person, then join the IDEA team.

Industrial Arts (Grade 7)

This hands-on course introduces students to the basics of woodworking where a variety of tools and materials are used. While developing manual dexterity and a working knowledge of construction, assembly, and finishing techniques, they will also earn a sense of achievement as they point to "future heirlooms" that they have created with their own hands. Within the curriculum, emphasis is placed on safety, measurement, craftsmanship, problem-solving, as well as the proper use and care of tools and the importance of planning in order to achieve the desired end result. This class is ideally suited to those who want to begin to explore woodworking.

Industrial Arts (Grade 8)

Students will gain knowledge of tools, techniques and technologies associated with this area of study. Students will use various woodworking tools and techniques, and will be introduced to a variety of other topics such as house construction, transportation technology, electricity and basic principals of design. Students will gain a heightened awareness of how things work in the world around us while increasing their abilities and self-esteem through associated projects. This class is designed to be a continuation of seventh grade industrial arts; however, no previous experience is necessary.