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In Innovation Technology, students have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of STE(A)M-based challenges from areas of 3D Design, Architecture, Robotics, Circuitry, Computer Science, and more. Students choose challenges that interest them, set a goal, and work to achieve that goal while documenting the process (notes, pictures, video, audio) along the way. Once complete, students share the story of their challenges in their STE(A)M portfolio. Come experience, explore, and create in the CW CoLab!


In this interactive course, students will learn the principles of computer science through game-based coding challenges.  At the end of each unit, students will use their acquired knowledge and creativity to develop a game that will be tested and shaped by their classmates' feedback.  Students will help build a collaborative coding environment, assisting each other and taking turns playing the role of the expert and of the learner. They will have the opportunity to reflect on their challenges and successes and share to deepen their learning.  Join us for the learning fun today!


Experience broadcasting and video production in a creative, collaborative, real-world environment.  In this course, students learn by doing as they choose and develop their own short videos from story development to planning, filming, and editing. Before sharing with the intended audience, students are given an opportunity to gather peer feedback to help shape their ideas.  Our updated Washburne Video Production Studio provides students with real-world technology to develop skills, while we work to build a collaborative production environment.  Students assist each other by sharing their knowledge and skills by playing the role of the expert and of the learner.  Join us and see your stories come to life!